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Early attitude!

Updated: May 23, 2019

Here I am in 1960 showing early signs of attitude perhaps?

I have always enjoyed writing.I enjoyed nothing more than being given a topic to write about during my English class at school .My pen, more often than not, could not keep up with my imagination as I scribbled away on the foolscap paper we were provided with. I usually had to ask for additional sheets and couldn't understand some of my class mates who only managed a few sentences or paragraphs. I would brim with pride as well as cringe with embarrassment when my English teacher read my stories out to the class. Sometimes writing is very personal, not meant for public consumption.

I am not exceptional, but I believe we all have a story to tell and I chose to write mine down while I can remember it. I am extremely proud of my first book, 'King Street To King's Road' My Mum has Alzheimer's and this cruel, ruthless and relentless disease has affected my whole family in so many ways.

I enjoyed remembering my past as I wrote. I found the process cathartic, soothing, emotional and at times amusing and painful as memories came flooding back.

I have not written a blog before, I am learning as I go along. Hopefully it will be fun and informative for me and for you.

Thanks for visiting.

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